The Julia Kae is a support and home platform vessel for a wide variety of trips

Here are few of the categories we support...
  • Oceanographic Research Platform.
  • Acoustic Survey Platform.
  • Biological Research Support.
  • On the Water Industrial Support.
  • Nature and Photo Expeditions.
  • Film and Video Support.
  • Kayak Adventures.
  • Dive support from either the mother ship or 19’ Triumph.
The 19’ Triumph has boarding ladders bow and stern for beach boarding or water egress to the dive platform on the stern.

We have kayaks available for extending your exploration to shallow water and land hiking.

Dive platform for boarding and entering the water at sea level, is also used for kayak boarding.

If you have something different in mind - contact us.

Our bid rates for Requests For Proposals are adjusted seasonally. Charters will be more economical on either side of summer when peak season rates will be applied. A “typical” charter day is up to 10 hours. Depending on the job; 24 hour rates can be bid and applied where applicable.