Workspace and Gear

The Julia Kae was originally built in 1972 and has fished in Southeast Alaska its entire career. Julia Kae was fully rebuilt in 2018 after a catastrophic fire in the spring of 2017 that originated on the neighboring vessel while moored in a harbor in Alaska. The vessel has been upgraded with additional enhancements in preparation for use in charter operations.
  • Deck is equipped with electrical power sources of 120 volt 30 amp, 208 volt single phase, and 208 three phase electrical outlets.
  • Recessed deck sockets are welded in a 31 spot pattern for securing cargo, research instruments, or equipment with screw in eye bolts and ratchet straps.
  • Overhead rigging consists of two picking booms, one to port and one to starboard with 5,000 pound winches and spectra lifting lines.
  • Main 30 foot boom to center is equipped with a 12,000 pound winch and a 5,000 pound winch, both with spectra lines for lifting, and maneuvering equipment and loads to and from the deck.
  • 1,260 cubic foot “fish hold” below deck midships that can be used for dry storage, cargo carriage, or to suit the customer’s needs.
  • Second 340 cubic foot hold below decks, aft of the main cargo hold is also available for use.
  • Portable 10x20 canvas deck covering can be constructed over its aluminum frame in place as desired by the client over most of the 18 x 27.5 foot back deck space.
  • Deck space modifications to accommodate clients’ needs may be considered.
  • We will install appropriate transducers for your acoustic equipment to "plug and play" as needed.
  • We can extend our main boom to deploy and retrieve your equipment off our stern efficiently. This technique can offer greater control of your equipment than a pivoting "A" frame, as our boom can be raised high for fishing or low to reach off the stern, as well as vang from side to side.
  • We can install an "A" frame for special occasions if required.
  • Deck equipment can be changed out easily from our fishing configuration. We can bolt down and plumb in a winch with up to 300 fathoms of 1/2" wire to deploy, tow, and retrieve your equipment.